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MiG-21 Fighter Simulator

About us

After the completion of the McDonell Douglas DC-9 simulator, which is unique in the world, we had a very difficult starting position. We all want to move somewhere. Therefore, it was clear that creating another world unique object would not be easy. We decided to continue in 2017, not with airliners, but with something significantly more attractive.

We acquired a decommissioned fighter of the Czechoslovak (and subsequently the Czech) Army in June 2017, the MiG-21MF 9414. You can find a video of transporting the fighter here.

MiG-21 - první dojmy

What makes us unique

Before purchasing our fighter, we found out that there is no flight simulator in the world made from a full fighter. There are a few separated cockpits from decommissioned aircraft in the world but sitting in the whole machine and perceiving the huge mass around you is unforgettable.

With experience from our first project, we know that one of the most important roles is played by the projection screen and the form of display. In the case of an airliner, we solved the area with a cylinder into which we project. But in an airliner, the pilots don’t see above each other, while in a fighter place, the view upwards is an integral part of the entire flight. We racked our brains over it for a long time when, in cooperation with Weldpro, we invented a perfect aluminium dome (by the way, weighing 340 kg), which was mounted around the fighter cockpit so that the pilot could see what they should see in all directions.

MiG-21 - projection dome design MiG-21 - výroba projekční kopule

The production of this dome took several months. However, the result is really unique and believe us, if someone claims to have a perfect projection around the cockpit of a fighter plane, they probably haven’t seen ours. It’s a half-sphere with a 3.6m diameter with a perfectly polished inner surface and a white coating. Six projectors with HD resolution project into the dome, thus covering the full view of the pilot. The sound is provided by several speakers and amplifiers with a subwoofer with a total musical power of 2000W. Thanks to this performance, we can reliably simulate the noise emitted by this machine. The pilot, who is closed in the cockpit, has a perfect impression of the flight. The surroundings of the aircraft are closed to other participants (due to noise exceeding hygienic standards).

Come and fly

What we can offer

  • Take-off from any airport in the world
  • Aerobatic flight experience (inverted flight, roll, roll on top, loop, half roll or stallturn)
  • Combat against enemy aircraft or helicopters using R-3S missiles
  • Combat against enemy aircraft or helicopters with a GS-23 dual-barrel 23mm cannon
  • Combat against ground targets using the Russian FAB-250 M54 TU explosive bomb
  • Landing at the selected airport
  • Ejection of the virtual pilot if hit
  • Unlimited number of missiles and ammunition (incompatible with reality)
  • Immortality (incompatible with reality)
  • Sitting in Real Simulator VIP Lounge with refreshments (for groups)
  • Preparation of reception (for groups)

History of the MiG-21MF 9414 fighter

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 (NATO reporting name ‘Fishbed’) is a Soviet supersonic jet fighter used since the early 1960’s to the present day. It has been used by the air forces of more than 30 countries and is still in service in several of them. Over 10,000 of them were produced, making it the most and longest-produced supersonic aircraft. It has been involved in many armed conflicts, including the Arab-Israeli wars and the Vietnam War.

Serial production began in 1959, but the introduction of production did not end the development of the aircraft. Other design changes were verified, including on the Je-66 machine.

The MiG-21 fighters were included in the armaments of the armies of more than fifty states; they were also in the armaments of the Czechoslovak People’s Army and then the Army of the Czech Republic from 1961 to 2005. They were produced under licence in Aero Vodochody from 1963 to 1972.


Our MiG-21 MF 9414 fighter was manufactured with serial number 969414 in Moscow on 20 June 1974. It covered 1,400 hours in the air by 2004 (when it was decommissioned).

Many quality pilots flew with our MiG. Among others, Oldřich Pelčák, one of the two Czechoslovak cosmonauts.

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