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Information for pilots

The term pilot represents different professions in each of us. Car lovers see a Formula One pilot, unpowered aircraft lovers see a glider pilot and military technology lovers see a fighter pilot. Few of us will try to pilot an airliner in their life. But it is possible with us!

There are many obstacles. Time, health, or finances. We offer you an unforgettable experience thanks to our project in which we put a real airliner and a simulator together. You will experience the euphoria of flying an airliner if you have been flying an airplane simulator or a real plane (though unpowered) for several dozen hours.

Unlike the non-professional public, you can fly with the following benefits of our simulator.

Make your dream come true What does our place look like?

Fly in virtual VATSIM or IVAO network

Real flying is interesting for its number of airplanes in the air, air traffic control and land and airline operations. We can simulate everything. The other airplanes in the air are not just the computer world fiction, they are other real pilots sitting at their computers at home and flying their own aircraft which you can see from the cockpit window. Likewise, air traffic controllers are people with radar screens in front of them who will give you clear instructions.

We recommend booking a time when there is an event happening in the world. You can find a list of events here.

All-inclusive flight

Upon your arrival, you will receive a complete flight plan, including weather maps, weather forecasts, NOTAMs, airplane weight distribution, fuel distribution, etc. The instructor will be your monitoring pilot, and you will go through all the checklists, procedures and start a journey with many people on board. You can select a RNAV or NON RNAV flight.

Simulation of random or predefined problems

Do you like stress? Do tell us how much the problems should be serious. From less serious difficulties, we can simulate even the most critical ones. An engine cutting out, APU malfunctions and the second engine generator cutting out is a very challenging situation even for seasoned pilots.

Do you have any other ideas on how to enjoy your flight, just let us know. We will do our best to make your wish come true.

Enjoy an unfogettable experience