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Company events

Do you want to try something else than bowling or a dinner in a restaurant for teambuilding? Take advantage of our VIP Lounge for your corporate presentation, teambuilding or partner meetings. The Real Simulator VIP Lounge offers space for up to 15 people, with a bar and ceiling projector. You can also fly the world’s unique McDonnell Douglas DC-9 airliner simulator that connects the real world with the virtual one. And not just the connection of a real plane with a simulator, but especially a real world of people with virtual feelings, leaving deep experiences. 

We are not a teambuilding agency, but we offer you an unforgettable experience for your teams that they will talk about for a long time.

What does our place look like?

Ideal package for 4-15 people

  • 2PM: arrival at luxurious hotel Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial Liberec, accommodation
  • 2.30PM: Welcome drink in the hotel lobby, participants get information about next program
  • 3PM - 5PM Visit of historical centre of Liberec city which is 5 min away from the hotel
  • 5.30PM: Departure to the world unique simulator McDonnell Douglas DC-9
  • 6PM - 12PM Piloting of the simulator plus your accompanying program with refreshment

Book today

What can the team experience?

  1. Engine start, taxiing at a pre-selected airport (by default we fly from Václav Havel Airport), runway take-off, circuit over Prague and landing back in Prague. You can repeat this several times.
  2. Take-off and landing at an airport selected by you. Please inform us in advance of this request so that we can be technically prepared for it.
  3. Fly to take a look at your town where you live or anywhere else. If you would like to see an area outside the Czech Republic, please let us know in order to be technically prepared. You will be able to see your own house from our simulator.
  4. Fly the airliner just above the ground as if it was a fighter.
  5. Select any weather you want. We recommend windless weather with a mild cloudiness for beginners. The clouds beautifully illustrate the reality. You can fly even at night which is certainly a great experience. However, we recommend daylight and summer for the first flight with an airliner.
  6. Do you think you can fly the airliner upside down as in the movie Flight with Denzel Washington? Try how challenging it is to turn 50 tonnes upside down.

We will gladly help you with promoting a competitive spirit

Our staff will help you organize a competition for individuals or teams.

1. Timed Flight

The airliner is ready on the runway. We turn the stopwatch on as soon as it moves. The task is simple - take-off from runway 08 in Innsbruck and landing on the same runway. We stop the stopwatch when the airliner stops. We allow landing off the runway but within a given distance from the runway in the case of beginners. The time is not counted if you collide with a building.

2. Best Landing Contest

The airliner is ready in landing configuration 4 nautical miles before the runway. The task is to get the best landing and get off the runway to the taxiway.

3. Landing in Bad Weather

Can you land under a strong side wind with a low cloud base? The winner is whoever manages it.

4. Navigation Contest

Can you fly from one city to another only by a map? Here you can also test your geography knowledge.


Book your term today!

We can customize the program according to your ideas. Please contact us and we will prepare an offer tailored to your expectations.