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Information for general public

More than one man or woman shares love or admiration for aircraft. Airplanes have always been the technological highlight of human efforts. We have a microwave or ABS anti-skid braking systems in cars thanks to aviation. Few have the opportunity to get into the cockpit of a real airplane during a flight, or even pilot such a giant themselves.

Our Real Simulator flight simulator offers you the opportunity to become an airliner pilot. Do not compare our project with other aviation simulators. Although it is a simulator, all its systems and the cockpit itself come from a true McDonnell Douglas DC-9 airliner which flew over 90,000 flights and stopped flying in 2010. It was put into operation again in 2017 thanks to the enthusiasm of enthusiasts from Vratislavice.

Make your dream come true

What will you experience?

If you are not a pilot and have no flying experience, you will be surprised by the incredible amount of gauges, switches and other devices once you sit down in the seat. We will not burden you with what each switch is used for, but you can ask us about what interests you at any time. It is important for us that you fly as much as possible during your purchased time. The instructor will tell you how to start the engines and you will start taxiing along the runway to the take-off. You will listen to the instructions on how to control the plane and how to take off during this relatively simple operation. We try not to interfere with you piloting so that you have your own feeling about what you can do or find out that you need to take a few more flights.

The most realistic piloting experience in the world´s unique object!

It is advisable to think about what exactly and how you would like to see beforehand and send us an email with your idea. We will gladly comply with your wishes.

What you can experience:

  1. Engine start, taxiing at a pre-selected airport (by default we fly from Václav Havel Airport), runway take-off, circuit over Prague and landing back in Prague. You can repeat this several times.
  2. Take-off and landing at an airport selected by you. Please inform us in advance of this request so that we can be technically prepared for it.
  3. Fly to take a look at your town where you live or anywhere else. If you would like to see an area outside the Czech Republic, please let us know in order to be technically prepared. You will be able to see your own house from our simulator.
  4. Fly the airliner just above the ground as if it was a fighter.
  5. Select any weather you want. We recommend windless weather with a mild cloudiness for beginners. The clouds beautifully illustrate the reality. You can fly even at night which is certainly a great experience. However, we recommend daylight and summer for the first flight with an airliner.
  6. Do you think you can fly the airliner upside down as in the movie Flight with Denzel Washington? Try how challenging it is to turn 50 tonnes upside down.

If you have any other wish, do not hesitate to ask. We will do our best for your satisfaction.

Enjoy the unforgettable experience!